Imprismo™ eye massager

$ 199.99 $ 99.99

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Over 300 MILLION AMERICANS Suffer some kind of hair loss

Enjoy a soothing massage to comfort your eyes after a long day of fatiguing work.

Does your job require you to spend too much time in front of a screen? Are you poring over books cramming for an exam? Do you have a constant headache and feel like you’re always fatigued and sleep deprived?

This device is your life-saver! Its intelligent air pressure and vibration relieves stress on your eyes and temple, and prevents eye-strain from prolonged activity.

Say FAREWELL TO DARK CIRCLES around your eyes and hello to a clear and lively skin!

PLAY YOUR FAVORITE MUSIC as you enjoy a comforting massage with the Bluetooth feature!

And ENJOY A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP with smartly distributed air pressure to help you relax in bed!

5 modes for your comfort


1. Integrated Mode: It combines smart air pressure, vibration massage, hot compression, and music. Use this for overall relaxation on your lunch breaks to recharge and have a FULL PRODUCTIVE DAY!

2. Clear Mode: This activates the air pressure, hot compress, and music features. Use it when you want to ZONE OUT IN A NOISY ENVIRONMENT if you want a clear head to think about something, boost creativity, or if you want to relax on a plane or in a bus!

3. Sleeping Mode: This mode optimizes air pressure to relieve stress around the eyes and temple, HELPING YOU FALL ASLEEP minutes after you put your head to the pillow!

4. Vitality Mode: It combines the air pressure, vibration, and music features. Use it for a quick refresh when you wake up to START YOUR DAY ON A HIGH NOTE, or if you’re feeling lazy or drowsy to boost your energy!

5. Smart Mode: The fifth and final mode combines the hot compress and music features. Use this regularly and it can help you GET RID OF DARK CIRCLES and have a clear skin around your eyes and on your forehead!


Never worry about falling asleep while the device is working, it has a SMART SWITCH which automatically stops the device from operating after 15 minutes!

It comes with a universal USB charger and a 1500 mAh battery, so it’s going to last for as long as you want.

It collapses with a 180 degree, so you can easily place it into your backpack or briefcase. Its high-quality material and elegant white look means you can USE IT ANYWHERE without feeling embarrassment!

And for this price, might as well buy a couple more for your friends!

  • Relaxing Warm & Hot Compression

  • Can Help Improve Sleep

  • Help Reduce Headaches

  • Play Soothing Music While Using e Dec


Is It 100% Waterproof?

No it't not but slight sweat and drizzle wont ruin it. But it will come off easily if you go take a shower.

Is There Expiration Date?

There isn't an expiration date. The powder is excellent, but very fine in texture. It requires a low humidity environment for storage. Otherwise it will clump in the container.

How Natural Does This Product Look In The Sunlight/Outdoors? Is It Artificial Looking?

It looks totally convincing if applied correctly and evenly. It looks fake when there are blobs or the color doesn't match your natural color.

What Is The Best Way To Apply It?

Hold the container from a few inches away and sprinkle it or spray it to where there is thinning then use a brush and comb your hair normally. You should see it blend in easily with your hair.