imprismo™ shocking roulette

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Make your parties and gatherings with friends MUCH MORE EXCITING with this simple toy!

You can play it with as few as two people and as many as six, and it adds fun to any occasion with any age group.


How does it work?

It has two modes. Simply place your fingers in the little holes and click the “Mode” button to choose, and then click the “Start” button.

First mode is the random one. The red light spins around quickly and settles on one player, whose finger will receive a tiny electrical shock.


Don’t worry. The shock is COMPLETELY HARMLESS and has no effect on human health in the short or the long term.


How can you use this mode?

Whoever gets shocked has to do a dare. Get creative!


The other mode is the competition one. The red light spins and stops at a certain finger, and this player has to click the “Start” button before they get shocked, if they don’t, they lose.

This can be A LOT OF FUN FOR YOUR CHILDREN, and again, maybe whoever loses has to accept a challenge.


You can even use it as a PRACTICAL JOKE for some good laughs. Have the group put their fingers and ask a question which everyone answers, whoever gets shocked must be lying!

It’s got a convenient size and light weight, so you can TAKE IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE, whether it’s a sleepover or a small party in a friend’s house.

And it’s made from high-quality, environment-friendly plastic, and the design looks elegant and fun.


It includes a SOUND SPEAKER for a thrilling effect when the light spins and when someone receives a shock, and you never have to worry about plugging it to the wall because it runs on triple A batteries.


NOTHING will add more fun and excitement to your parties and gatherings for a few bucks as much as this electric shocker!

And honestly for this price, might as well buy a couple, one for you and one for your crazy friend who loves daring games and practical jokes.